Introduction to EchoAnswer

Version 1.1.144

Copyright Dave Shorthill, K1XD,   2004







EchoAnswer automatically answers EchoLink calls when you can’t.  It lets the person calling, leave a message for you.  It has both Answer and Announce modes.  You can customize it with your own personal outgoing voice messages. EchoAnswer,  Freeware Version, will store up to five incoming messages. EchoAnswer Full Version stores unlimited number of incoming messages.


EchoAnswer is simple, intuitive and easy to use.  It functions like an answering machine does with your home telephone.  EchoAnswer is designed to work with EchoLink Version 1.9.890 or later, operating in the Single-User mode.





Click the Telephone Icon down to start EchoAnswer.  If EchoLink is not already running, it will automatically start.  Incoming EchoLink calls will be answered,  processed and message information stored and displayed.



To playback your incoming messages, click the Telephone Icon up.  With the Play, Next and Erase buttons you can listen to your messages, advance messages and delete messages.


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Above, EchoAnswer is in Normal Answer operation. The top display shows current mode information and call processing information.  The bottom display shows the number of received incoming messages.  The message counter advances as messages are received and stored.  EchoAnswer ignores ‘hang-ups’ and  callers that leave no messages.






Above, EchoAnswer is in Playback operation.  The top display is blank. The bottom  display shows the Callsign of the person who left a message, the message number, and the time and date the message was received.  The Play Button plays back the current displayed message.  The Erase Button deletes the current displayed message.  The Next Button advances to the next saved message.



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Using the Menu Item File, EchoAnswer can be customized with your personal preferences.


Setup Options…

 Configures EchoAnswer operating options

Record Greeting…  

 Configures personalized outgoing messages


 Closes EchoAnswer








Using the Menu Item Mode, EchoAnswer can be operated with Menu selections or ‘Short-Cut’ Function Keys, in addition to the displayed command buttons.




Answer On - Answer Off



Play Message



Next Message



Erase Message






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Using the Menu Item Help, online help and support are accessed. Help items open information in your Web-Browser.



Accesses online EchoAnswer Help Files

Web Support…

Accesses online EchoAnswer Help Forum

Email Support…    

Sends an Email to EchoAnswer Software Author, K1XD

Purchase Full Version… 

Web link to Purchase EchoAnswer Full Version   

About EchoAnswer…  

Displays EchoAnswer Information     






 Menu – Help – About, Dialog Form




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Menu – File - Setup Options, Dialog Form




Display as Topmost Window

When answering calls, EchoAnswer will always be on top of the other windows on your screen.  EchoAnswer doesn’t ‘get lost’ behind other windows.


Limit Messages to 3 Minutes

Incoming messages left for you are limited to a maximum of three minutes recording time.  Check this setting  if you wish to conserve hard drive space.


Archive Incoming Messages

Incoming messages that you ERASE are saved in the EchoAnswer\Archive\ directory instead of being permanently deleted..


Delayed Answer Option

CHECKED sets the 'Delayed Answer' Mode.  EchoAnswer waits for the connected party to speak first before playing the greeting message.  If no speech is detected, EchoAnswer disconnects after waiting 30 seconds. If  speech is detected, EchoAnswer plays the Outgoing Message.


UNCHECKED, sets the 'Normal Answer' Mode.  EchoAnswer plays the Outgoing Message after a short delay ( about 6 seconds ) and records an Incoming Message.  UNCHECKED is the recommended mode of operation and works best in most cases.


Announce Only, No Recording

EchoAnswer plays the Announcement Only Message and then disconnects.  No incoming recording is made.


Defaults Button

Restores the Setup Options Installation Defaults, as shown above.


OK Button

Closes the Setup Options Dialog Box.   Any changes that you have made are stored.



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Menu – File - Record Greeting, Dialog Form



Select Outgoing Message

The Outgoing Message is played  when someone connects to you.

Hello this is Dave, K1XD, on EchoAnswer.  Leave a message for me.  Thanks.


Select Confirmation Message

The Confirmation Message is played  after someone leaves a message for you.

Thanks for leaving a message with EchoAnswer.


Select Announce Only Message

The Announce Only Message is played  when someone connects to you and you’ve selected Announce Only, in Setup-Options.

 “Hello this is Dave, K1XD, on EchoAnswer.  I’ll be back at 4 PM.  Try me later.


Play, Stop, Record Buttons

Use the Play, Stop, and Record Buttons to setup the selected Message in your own voice.


Recording Control, Volume Control

Displays the Windows Recording Control or the Windows Volume Control.


Defaults Button

Restores the default Greeting Messages in my (K1XD) voice !


OK Button

Closes Greeting Dialog Form.  Any changes that you have made are stored.




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